Workshop for romance writers

Workshop for romance writers

Ankara Press, a new
outfit dedicated to publishing romantic fiction, has invited entries
for participation in a one-day workshop holding on Saturday, May 27 at
The French Cultural Centre in Abuja.

With the theme
‘Writing Modern Romance’, the workshop is designed for aspiring writers
who have a passion for writing love stories similar to the
once-ubiquitous Mills and Boon novels, but with African characters. It
will teach participants the techniques of writing engaging and original
romance novels.

How to develop
original story ideas; preventing common writing mistakes; bringing
characters to life; creating and developing memorable dialogue; and
learning how to tie it all together, are some of the techniques
participants will be introduced to at the training.

A release from the
company said the aim of the workshop is to ensure that participants
learn how to write modern romance novels that will appeal to today’s
editors and the publishing outfit.

“Modern romance
novels now feature independent female characters who are assertive and
ambitious and male characters who are strong, honest and not afraid to
emote. Writers must be able to identify and recreate such characters if
they want to be published by Ankara Press.”

Interested applicants should send, as a Word document, a one-page,
double-spaced sample of their best romantic fiction of no more than
1,500 words, typed in 12 point font to
Entries should include applicant’s real names, the title of the story,
and a phone number and e-mail address. The subject line should read

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